Slowing down your busy life


When was the last time you took a moment to just stop? And I don’t mean to be on your phone or watch TV. These days we often think activities that make us slow down aren’t worth our time, effort or money. Several weeks ago I did a Yin and restorative yoga workshop for my teacher’s training which is all about slowing down.

These practices are amazing for nourishing the nervous system, however they’re never as popular as the fast-paced yoga classes which are sequenced to make you burn calories and feel that you’re ‘doing’ something.


What’s the hurry?

Society places so much emphasis on productivity, making more money, buying more things, being superwoman/superman, and just being plain busy, that practices such as meditation, restorative yoga, sleeping, resting and even receiving a massage are often seen as luxurious or a waste of usable time instead of getting more ‘stuff’ done. But what’s the rush?

Why slowing down is important

Anxiety, stress, depression, chronic fatigue, obesity, adrenal fatigue and disorders of the nervous and cardiovascular system are becoming more prevalent. We no longer have time to take a breath, or process our feelings or emotions. The art of slowing down is becoming a lost art, but it’s more important now than ever before.

What do you do to rest and recover? (Hint: If the answer is ‘nothing’, you need to do something about that sooner rather than later!)

On any given day I’ve got a ridiculous workload of household chores, blogging work and personal training to juggle. . Today was shaping up to be another one of those days but I decided early in the morning that I was feeling a bit blah about it all so Miss E and I took the day off to go see the fish at Kelly Tarlton’s, walk along Mission Bay, have a frozen yoghurt on the beach, play in the sand, have a moment to breathe in some of the beautiful fresh sea air with the sun shining on me, and visit the mother-in-law at lunch for delish pizza. Now that the day’s almost over, I’m feeling refreshed and restored rather than burned out and unmotivated. . Taking time out for a mental wellness day every now and then can go a long way towards maintaining your sanity! ๐Ÿ’• . . #kiwimamapost #kiwimamalove

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