Sneak more cardio into your day


stairsA common complaint when it comes to trying to maintain a fitness routine is, ‘I don’t have enough time’. Part of the solution is to make your fitness a high enough priority so that you make time for it, but for the times when you really can’t head to the gym or hit the road for a run, another part of the solution is to try and ‘sneak’ more exercise into your day whenever you can.

These extra unexpected ways to add more cardio into your life may only seem small, but you would be surprised how much they can add up throughout the day and contribute not only to your calorie burning but also your fitness levels. Read on for some ideas to help you do it.

Getting from A to B

  • It’s so easy for us to do plenty of travelling throughout the day without actually doing much moving. Rather than spending a lot of time sitting while using a car or bus to travel entire journeys, park a block away from your destination or get off the bus a stop early and walk the rest of the way. Better yet, if your home isn’t far from your workplace, bike or walk the whole way instead.
  • If you need to grab some milk or a loaf of bread from your local store, bike, walk or run the short distance rather than taking the car.

While you’re at work

  • Forget sitting around the boardroom table; walking meetings is the way to go! If you can hold your meetings without projectors and a lot of equipment, start holding walking meetings instead and talk while you walk.
  • Many workplaces have elevators and escalators; rather than just standing there, ditch the mechanical assistance and take the stairs instead.
  • Stand up and pace while you’re on the phone. Standing up burns more calories than sitting down (and pacing = bonus points)!

While you’re at home

  • Your parents were right when they told you to do your chores! Vacuuming, gardening, cleaning, sweeping, washing the car… even washing the dishes! They all burn calories.
  • Make your date night an active one. Rather than going to sit down at the movies, go rockclimbing, challenge your date to a tennis match, or go running together.
  • Can’t miss your favourite TV show? Do short bursts of exercise for the duration of the ad breaks to get your heart rate up.

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