Sneaky substitutes to cut calories

waistlineIf you’re trying to lose weight, finding healthier alternatives for foods that are high in fat and sugar is a great way to cut calories. By making healthier choices and substituting these foods, you won’t be depriving yourself, you will make a difference to your calorie intake, and you will be nourishing your body with more vitamins, minerals and fibre.

Swap: Ice cream for frozen yoghurt

Frozen yoghurt is lower in fat and lower in overall energy per 100g so you can feel better about your frozen sweet treat. Many yoghurts also contain probiotics which are good for your digestive health.

Swap: Fruit juice for a piece of fruit

It’s easy to drink more than one serve of fruit juice in a sitting, as it won’t do much to make you feel full. You may also find most fruit juices have added sugar. Opt to have an actual piece of fruit instead as you will get the fibre which can help slow the absorption of sugar, make you feel fuller for longer and aid in digestion.

Swap: Chocolate for a trim hot or iced chocolate drink

To reduce your fat intake but still get the chocolatey flavour, have a hot chocolate or iced chocolate made with trim milk. Delish!

Swap: Creamy and cheesy sauces for tomato or vege-based ones

Sauces full of cheese and cream can add more fat and energy to your diet than sauces made with a tomato or vegetable base. Opt for the latter where possible, for example, trade your pasta carbonara for a bolognese, or a chicken korma for a rogan or madras.

Swap: Fried chips for baked chips

The chips will absorb less oil if they are baked rather than fried. For a bonus, opt for baked kumara chips rather than potato chips. Kumara is low GI which means you will feel fuller longer after eating it. If you would prefer a substitute for thin-cut chips/crisps, try cutting pita bread into wedges, sprinkling in your favourite herbs and a light spray of vegetable oil before baking until crunchy.

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