Swimming togs to suit your body shape

There’s nothing worse than hitting the beach and spending more time re-adjusting your bikini top or trying to hide your butt than enjoying your time in the sun.  Here’s our quick guide to help you to stop feeling self conscious by choosing swimming togs to suit your body shape!

Broad shoulders

If you’re quite wide around the shoulders, halter neck style swimming togs will help break up the neckline. Both the Glassons bikinis below create a ‘V’ shape around the neckline that will help to draw the focus away from your shoulders (RRP $29.99).

Small bust

Worried about looking too small up top? Make sure you get togs with frills around the chest area to help give the appearance of a larger bust. Horizontal lines in that area can also help do the trick. Both the Glassons bikinis below would help you out (RRP $34.99).

Big bust

Support is the key here – wide straps and underwire can help keep things in place and make you feel more comfortable. Halter neck styles and racerbacks are also good. This Glassons floral halter neck one-piece (RRP $39.99) and this Arena Mahogany swimsuit (RRP $90.00) will help you feel more supported up top.

No curves

If you have a straight up and down athletic-type figure, swimsuits with cutouts can help add curves and shape. You could try something like the Glassons one-piece cutouts (RRP $34.99).

Butt concerns

If you constantly find yourself tugging downwards on bikini bottoms to try and cover more of your butt, invest in a bikini with boy leg shorts or some of the retro style togs that cover a little more than your average togs. The fuller shorts from these Glassons styles will help you feel a bit more secure down below (RRP $34.99).

Tummy worries

Don’t want to show off too much tum? So that you don’t spend all your time on the beach sucking it in, buy one-pieces to cover up a little more. There are some gorgeous kaftans and sarongs in the shops at the moment that will help you cover up if you’re lounging around on the beach. Vertical lines and high waisted bottoms can also help give a slimmer appearance, while patterns and prints can help distract the eye from any wobbliness going on. Check out the Glassons yellow and black polka dot one-piece (RRP $34.99) and the Arena Marseille one-piece (RRP $90.00)

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