Fruity Coconut Buns

I love hot cross buns and try to remember to make them every Easter, but this year I dropped the ball and forgot to have some of the ingredients on hand which is how this recipe came about. I’ve played around with meal recipes for a long time, but only really started experimenting with baking …

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Chocolate hummus

I kid you not, dessert hummus is one of the hot new food trends taking off overseas. In New Zealand we’re now pretty used to having savoury hummus (which typically consists of chickpeas, lemon juice, tahini, garlic, olive oil and cumin) served up with Turkish food and flat breads. Now there’s a new following for …

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produce market

Going organic

Buying organic produce is no longer just for hippies and environmental activists. But why would you buy organic over ‘regular’ products and what does ‘organic’ mean? If food is classified as organic, this basically refers to the natural way in which the food has been grown and processed. Organic plant products such as fruit, veges …

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