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puhoi valleyPuhoi Valley Organic Half & Half Milk

Inspired by taste, Puhoi Valley Half & Half is a new premium product made from half milk and half cream, and can be used everywhere milk would ordinarily be used, such as with porridge, your morning coffee or in a smoothie. What’s more, Puhoi Valley Organic Half & Half can be used in recipes to create indulgent baking and decadent sauces, in place of milk or cream.

The milk has been homogenised to create an even texture and with 18% fat content, it is higher than milk, but lower than cream.

Puhoi Valley Half & Half is available from all major supermarkets nationwide for RRP $5.49 (750ml).

dried herbsLightly Dried Herbs from Gourmet Garden

If you’re a home cook who loves using fresh herbs and spices, you will likely know the frustration of the cost and hassle of wasted fresh herbs that wilt after only a few days. Gourmet Garden has come up with an innovative solution with the launch of its new Lightly Dried Herb range.

Made with organically grown herbs that are washed, roughly chopped and lightly dried, the unique process gives herbs a longer shelf life yet retains the flavour. Simply use in your cooking as you would freshly chopped herbs and spices.

Gourmet Garden’s Lightly Dried herbs and spices range includes Parsley, Chilli, Basil, Coriander and Ginger. Available from all Countdown, New World and Pak ‘n Save and selected supermarkets nationwide for RRP $4.99.

alfa oneAlfa One Brown Rice Oil

Packed with antioxidants, Alfa One has launched the world’s first brown rice oil – a cold pressed product with all the properties of a regular bran oil but made without the use of solvents. Until now, the only option for solvent-free oils has been coconut oils, which offer a very different taste.

Made with only the best quality non-genetically modified brown rice grains, Alfa One Brown Rice Oil is available from supermarkets nationwide for RRP $10.99 (750ml).

venerdi six seedVenerdi Organic Sourdough Six Seed

This country-style loaf is packed full of six varieties of seeds – sunflower, pumpkin, linseed, quinoa, sesame and poppy seeds – which are all fantastic natural sources of energy and nutrition.

A rich, sourdough toast bread made with brown rice flour, Venerdi Organic Sourdough Six Seed is also organic, gluten free, dairy free, low in sugar, vegan, low in fat, and made in New Zealand.

Venerdi Organic Sourdough Six Seed bread is available at selected supermarkets and specialty food stores nationwide for RRP $7.99 (600g). To locate your nearest stockist or for further info, visit www.venerdi.co.nz.

Chantal peanut butterChantal Whole Peanut Butter

Chantal Organics introduces their certified organic peanut butter; cholesterol-free and with no added sugar or additives.

While all peanut butter is made of nut varieties and contains fibre, vitamins and minerals, not all peanut butter is nutritionally sound as many brands contain unnecessary extras such as sugar. Chantal Whole Peanut Butter is made entirely of organic Redskin peanuts and a little sea salt, producing a flavoursome and nutritious peanut butter.

Available in both Crunchy and Smooth for RRP $7.49 (400g) from organic stores, supermarkets and specialty stores around New Zealand. To locate your nearest stockist or for further information, visit www.chantalorganics.co.nz.

mushroomsMeadows Mushrooms Food Fight challenge

Family-owned New Zealand mushroom farming company Meadows has laid down a challenge to Kiwis to find more ways to enjoy the nutritional benefits of Meadows mushrooms by sharing their favourite recipes and ideas via social media.

Mushrooms are an excellent source of B Group vitamins which support heart function, energy, and optimise the condition of skin and hair. They also contain selenium which boosts immunity and potassium to help maintain normal blood pressure.

Nutritionist Nikki Hart, who has helped contribute ideas and inspiration for the challenge, says, ‘the low fat, low saturated fat and low sodium content of mushrooms makes them a very heart-friendly vegetable to add to meals’.

For more information on how to enter for your chance to win a luxurious weekend for two of food and wine, including flights and accommodation, at The Sherwood in Queenstown, visit the Meadow Mushrooms Facebook page.

nairnsNairn’s Natural Wheat Free Oatcake and Oat Biscuits

Introducing Nairn’s range of wheat-free Oatcakes and Oat Biscuits. Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, the range includes Organic Oatcakes, Scottish Oatcakes, Dark Chocolate Chip Oat Biscuits, Mixed Berry Oat Biscuits and Stem Ginger Oat Biscuits.

Oatcakes are a traditional Scottish staple, and Nairn’s are packed with nutritious low GI wholegrain oats which release slowly in your digestive system so the energy your body receives will last longer.

Nairn’s Oat Biscuits contain 40% less sugar than the average sweet biscuit, which makes them an ideal healthier alternative to have with tea or coffee.

Nairn’s Oatcakes and Oat Biscuits are available at supermarkets nationwide for RRP $4.70.

allerstopClinicians AllerStop

This new allergy support product from Clinicians works rapidly to provide support for your body’s response to indoor and outdoor allergens such as mould, dust mites, pet hair, grasses and pollen. It utilises a specialised protein found in quail eggs which act to block irritants before they affect the nasal passage, says Clinicians’ naturopath Jane Cronin.

AllerStop is a natural formula suitable for the entire family to use, including children and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Clinicians AllerStop contains 30 tablets and is available from all good pharmacies and health stores for RRP $22.90.

MitoQ blood sugarMitoQ Blood Sugar

Utilising revolutionary science from a team at Otago University, MitoQ Blood Sugar is the latest addition to a growing range of health supplements from MitoQ that are designed to support balanced insulin levels, weight management and key organ health.

Unbalanced blood sugar levels create oxidative stress on organs and calls, in turn causing damage to mitochondria – also known as the body’s cellular batteries which are responsible for providing the body with energy.

MitoQ Blood Sugar is specifically designed to support balanced blood sugar and is now available for RRP $84.95 online at www.mitoq.co.nz and at selected pharmacies New Zealand-wide.

ZupafoodZupafood ELITE

A general health tonic combining traditional wisdom from diverse cultures across the globe with the latest scientific research, Zupafood ELITE is designed to help you live a balanced, healthy life with a combination of special natural ingredients.

These include leafy greens, calcium, kiwifruit and barley grass, as well as organic spirulina, chlorella, minerals and antioxidants.

Combined into one handy sachet, Zupafood is perfect for those living busy lifestyles and is an easy substitute for your mid-afternoon cup of coffee or energy drink. For more information, visit www.xtend-life.com.

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