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collective yoghurtThe Collective Straight Up flavoured yoghurt

The Collective’s Straight Up natural probiotic yoghurt has now been blended with three deliciously tasty flavours – real buttery Maple, smooth creamy Coconut and full-bodied Blueberry. Coconut and Blueberry contain no added cane sugar and are sweetened only by fruit and yoghurt, while Maple includes natural coconut and maple syrup, which gives it a rich toasted caramel finish (Ed’s note: We’ve tried all three flavours and were completely obsessed with the Maple!).

Each flavor provides a source of protein, is gluten-free, vegetarian, with no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

The Collective Straight Up yoghurt comes in three flavours – Maple, Coconut and Blueberry – and is available from all good supermarkets and specialty food stores nationwide for RRP $7.99 (900ml). For more info visit www.thecollective.kiwi.

freyas low carbFreya’s Lower Carb bread range

Those clever cookies at Freya’s have come up with a recipe for bread that contains 40% less carbohydrates than standard multigrain bread. By reducing the wheat flour content of the dough and replacing it with soy flour and extra seeds, Freya’s has produced a lower carb range that doesn’t compromise on the delicious taste while delivering a healthier product.

With the addition of the extra seeds, Freya’s Lower-carb bread is also a good source of protein and high in dietary fibre.

There are three breads in the range – Soy and Linseed, 5 Seed, and Toasted Sesame and Soy. Available from supermarkets nationwide for RRP $4.49.

turciTurci Liquid Herbs

The new liquid herb range from Turci is an innovative product that combines 80% cold-pressed herbs with 20% sunflower oil to create culinary sprays that perform in cooking just like fresh herbs. Create fresh and fragrant meals every time by simply spraying a small amount onto hot, cold, raw or cooked foods to maximise the flavour.

Flavours available include Rosemary, Chilli, Garlic, Basil, Lemon, Oregano, and two premium flavours – White Truffle and Saffron.

Turci’s Liquid Herb range is available in 40ml infused spray bottles from participating supermarkets nationwide for RRP $3.99, and RRP $4.99 for the premium White Truffle and Saffron infusions. For more info visit www.turci.it.

harvestHarvest Oils

The ‘oil experts’ over at Harvest have sourced the best quality oils for Kiwi foodies and have provided us with some great tips on when to use three of the key oils from their range.

Their uniquely combined Rice Bran and Extra Virgin Olive Oil provides the perfect oil for frying as it has a high smoke point so it won’t add a burnt flavour to your food when cooking using high heat.

Coconut Oil also has a high smoke point and is versatile in that it can be used as an alternative spread to butter, or even as a skin moisturiser (Ed’s note: I’ve been using coconut oil on my four-month-old baby’s eczema and cradle cap, and it has almost cleared up!).

Rich in nutrients and high in antioxidants, Sesame Oil is a delicious dressing on any salad and adds a delicious depth of flavour to Asian cooking.

Harvest Oils are available in supermarkets:
– Harvest Rice Bran & Extra Virgin Olive Oil, RRP $7.49 (1L)
– Harvest Coconut Oil, RRP $24.00 (1L)
– Harvest Pure Sesame Oil, RRP $5.49 (255ml)

To locate your nearest stockist or for further info, visit www.harvestoil.co.nz.

humanatureHumanature health supplements

Kiwi natural supplements brand Humanature is a family-owned company that has been producing a Radiata Pine bark extract – Enzogenol – since 1998. We find it refreshing that they don’t claim to have a magic pill to provide complete wellness; however their four new supplements do aim to improve Kiwi health.

I Need to Chill Out, Make Me Feel Smarter, Get My Guts Sorted, and Professional Strength Formula all contain Enzogenol which is rich in natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory plant compounds known as bioflavonoids. Clinical trials on Enzogenol have shown it to support a range of body functions including circulation, blood pressure, eye sight, and brain function.

I Need to Chill Out, RRP $72.45
Make Me Feel Smarter, RRP $72.45
Get My Guts Sorted, RRP $34.50
Professional Strength Formula, RRP $62.10

For more info and to purchase, visit humanature.co.

k9 naturalK9 Natural dog food

New research shows that while people are getting healthier, treasured family pets are in desperate need of a diet overhaul. Our furry friends deserve to have healthy, quality food as well!

Kiwi pet nutrition company K9 Natural has recognised that many of our pets are getting highly processed, carb-laden foods, but there is a lot of confusion amongst owners over what constitutes an ideal doggy diet. The answer to this is simply that dogs have always eaten meat in their natural environments, so today’s pets also thrive on a natural high meat diet consisting primarily of protein, fat and very low levels of carbohydrate.

All sourced from New Zealand, K9 Natural is a complete and balanced natural diet for dogs, made with 90% meat, blood, bone and offal, 5% green lipped mussel and eggs, 5% fruit and vegetables, vitamins and minerals. For more info and stockists, visit www.k9natural.com.

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