The single girl’s guide to Valentine’s Day

blow kisses

blow kissesSingle this Valentine’s Day? Don’t let February 14th be a ! This is the single girl’s guide to Valentine’s Day; celebrate single-dom and treat it as a day to remind yourself just how great you are.

Set a date with your fave celeb

Johnny Depp? Brad Pitt? Ryan Gosling? Whoever your famous celeb crush is, head down to your local video rental store and get out a stack of their films to watch in a back-to-back marathon complete with popcorn and your favourite treat (bonus points for baking; remember, everything in moderation!). Don’t want anything remotely lovey dovey? Get out horror films instead.

Have a dinner date with a single friend

Whether your friend’s a girl or guy, book a table at a great restaurant, crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy the company, environment and conversation. On a tight budget? Make it an outdoor picnic instead 🙂

Treat yourself with a special pressie

Book in for a relaxing massage, get that piece of jewellery you’ve been eyeing up, purchase a big bunch of bright flowers,  or buy the CD you’ve been umming and ahhing over for the last few weeks. Treat yourself and let yourself know that you care about you.

Show your love for the world

Volunteer with a charity or do something special for someone else. You’ll feel great about yourself for helping other people (or animals!) and it will give you something else to focus on. Having trouble thinking of something at such short notice? Cook a meal for an elderly neighbour, help a friend do their house chores or offer to do some babysitting for a couple who haven’t had a romantic night out in ages!

Image / FreeDigitalPhotos.net – Stuart Miles

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