Tips for dealing with PMS

PMS is a far too common amongst millions of women. It’s annoying and uncomfortable and sufferers often deal with bloating, depression, mood swings, crying spells and even uncontrollable rages.

Here are some tips for dealing with PMS relief:

What to avoid:

  1. Salt and salty foods
  2. Liquorice – it can cause water retention
  3. Cold foods – they often worsen cramping
  4. Caffeine – it often increases sugar cravings and HCI which can irritate abdominals
  5. Alcohol – it adversely affects blood sugar, depletes magnesium levels and can aggravate PMS
  6. Spinach and beetroot greens – these can make minerals difficult to be properly absorbed
  7. Large meals – eat smaller and more often

What to increase:

  1. Strawberries, watermelon, asparagus, parsley, watercress – all natural diuretics
  2. Raw sunflower seeds, avocado, bananas and tomatoes – all rich in potassium
  3. Gentle exercise – this improves abdominal circulation, and perspiration helps remove excess fluids. Brisk walking 30 minutes twice daily and/or swimming are ideal.
  4. Natural supplements –
    • Evening Primrose Oil 500mg 1-3 times daily
    • Magnesium 500mg daily
    • Calcium 250mg daily
    • Vitamin E 100-400IU daily

And a hot water bottle, putting your feet up and a good book works wonders too 🙂

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