Why some Vitamin C beauty products work better than others



Clinical studies show that Vitamin C is an anti-aging superstar. When added to beauty products, this essential antioxidant helps counteract the damaging effects of free radicals, boosts collagen production, reduces inflammation, and combats sun damage, pigmentation and age spots. All of which ensures skin has a healthier, more youthful glow.

Given these benefits and more, it’s no wonder so many beauty products contain Vitamin C. However, not all are created equal. From supermarket brands to salon-only ranges, each one will perform differently and some are definitely more effective than others.

Simone Turner, Nimue Brand Manager, explains what to look out for and how to get the best results from your products.

  • Vitamin C is an active ingredient, which makes it powerfully effective. Even though over-the-counter skincare lines may contain Vitamin C, this is often not active. If you look at supermarket products, filler ingredients tend to be further down the list of ingredients – which means there is a lower percentage of Vitamin C compared with salon-only brands.
  • Bear in mind, however, that the percentage of Vitamin C used is not always the most important consideration. The type of Vitamin C, what formulation it’s used in, and the delivery system also determine effectiveness.
  • There are different types of Vitamin C. Some are in stronger forms than others, and work in different ways in different combinations.
  • Vitamin C L-Asorbic Acid is the strongest form of Vitamin C and is best used as a primary ingredient for rejuvenation and protection. Nimue’s Multi Rejuvenating Serum, for example, is a high performance Vitamin C L-Asorbic Acid rejuvenating booster, captured in a nanotechnology delivery system to absorb easily into the skin.
  • Vitamin C needs to be handled and packaged carefully or the benefits are vastly degraded.
  • Try applying a serum on thoroughly cleansed skin first, before sealing in the benefits with a Vitamin C moisturiser.










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2. Nimue Vitamin C Moisture Mist, RRP $44

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