Are you doing weight training the right way?


weightsIf you’re exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet but you’re still not getting the results you want, you could just be making one or two simple mistakes with your weight training that can easily be fixed. Find out whether or not you’re doing your weight training the right way.

You’re too scared to use weights or you’re not sure you’re doing them right

Don’t know how to use weights properly? It’s good to learn how to use weights correctly as weight or resistance training helps to build lean, toned muscle which will help you burn fat faster and become stronger.

It’s important to get someone who knows what they’re talking about to show you the ropes, as it will make you feel more comfortable when you’re on your own and it will mean you’re less likely to get injured. Get a gym instructor or personal trainer to give you an introduction to weight training session or preferably a basic programme to get you started.

You don’t push yourself hard enough

If you’re after weight loss or fitness improvements, you really need to be pushing yourself hard enough to make each of your workouts count. This means sitting on a low level on the exercise bike while you watch a TV show or read a magazine is not likely to get you results!

Whenever you train, give yourself a rating on a scale of 1-10, one is super easy and you could do that activity all day while ten is so difficult you could only do it for a short time. To ensure you get results and you don’t plateau, you should be training at about a level seven on that scale. Be honest with yourelf!

You’ve had the same programme for as long as you can remember

To make your body change, you have to give it reason to. Doing the same thing every time you hit the gym won’t get you results if your body has already adjusted to it. Mix up your workout routine and make sure your programme is getting updated around every 4-6 weeks. This includes group fitness weights classes!

You could increase the weights you are using – even if its only by half a kilo. You could also increase the reps you’re doing, make your training session longer or make the exercises more difficult.

Your training is inconsistent

If you aren’t doing it on a weekly basis, it’s unlikely you’ll be getting great results from your weight training. Get into the habit of planning your week ahead – if you can get into a routine that’s the same every week, you’re more likely to stick to it in the longer term which means you’re more likely to achieve your goals. This also goes for your cardio training and nutrition habits as well. Planning is key!

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