What type of yoga is right for me?

Did you know that there are different kinds of yoga? It’s likely that not all types will suit you, and one kind of yoga may help you with your goals more than others. Although the poses are the same, each branch of yoga has a different focus. Read on to find out more about the key types and find out what suits you best.

Ashtanga yoga

Is great for those with relatively good fitness – Ashtanga is fast-paced, helps with weight loss and is a form of power yoga (which develops strength and stamina by involving exercises like lunges and push ups).

Iyengar yoga

Is based on Ashtanga yoga but has more of a focus on body alignment. Standing poses are often involved as are props like straps to help ease you into deeper stretches. Great for those with injuries who have been cleared for physical activity like yoga, and to help improve balance.

Bikram yoga

Bikram is also known as ‘hot yoga‘. Not for the faint-hearted, it’s usually a series of 26 poses and involves sweating in a heated room to help flush out toxins and promote the loosening of your muscles to help improve your flexibility.

Hatha yoga

Focuses mainly on breathing and meditation. It’s great for beginners to learn the poses and practice relaxation techniques.

Vinyasa yoga

Is a type of hatha yoga which emphasises a series of 12 poses called the sun salutation. The aim is to link each movement with breath and is great for both beginners and those more experienced to help develop body strength.

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