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Check out the latest health, food and fitness products that will help you improve your health and wellness!:

Tararua Protein Hit

protein hitTararua Dairy Co. has launched Protein Hit, a delicious new fresh chocolate flavoured milk drink that is high in protein. With seven grams of protein per 100ml, Protein Hit is ideal for muscle growth and repair. A 350ml bottle backs a 24 gram protein hit, with the 600ml delivering 42 grams, all in a high protein drink without a lengthy ingredients list.

Available in 350ml (RRP $2.99) and 600ml (RRP $4.29) bottles from selected supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide

Manuka Biotic Organic Manuka Oil haircare

manuka-bioticGive your hair a potent dose of natural moisture and strength every day with the new Manuka Biotic Organic Manuka Oil Shampoo (RRP $19.99) and Manuka Biotic Organic Manuka Oil Conditioner (RRP $19.99).

Containing the antibiotic properties of 100% certified organic Manuka oil, Moroccan oil to nourish your locks, Vitamin E to add shine and Pro-vitamin B5 to strengthen hair strands, restore your hair’s natural balance with the Manuka Biotic range. Available from all Health 2000 stores, leading health food stores and online.

eco tanEco Tan Untinted Natural Coconut Sunscreen

Made with a blend of natural ingredients, this lightweight, non-greasy, natural sunscreen is perfect for both face and body, while being gentle enough for babies (and even pets!).

Containing no synthetics or GMOs, this natural coconut sunscreen is SPF 30 and water resistant for up to three hours. Available from www.naturalthings.co.nz – 150ml (RRP $39.95).

Edmonds launches gluten free flour range

gluten freeNew Zealand family favourite Edmons has launched two exciting new products to its quality range of baking products; Gluten Free Plain Flour and Gluten Free Self Raising Flour. Suitable for all baking and cooking needs, these premium quality blends bake just like regular and self raising flour, and are free from wheat, gluten, dairy and yeast.

Available from most leading supermarkets in 750g packs (RRP $5.99).

Boost your summer cleanse with Chlorophyll
chlorophyllChlorophyll has a similar molecular structure to haemoglobin, the molecule that is responsible for transporting oxygen around the body. Because of this, adding a chlorophyll supplement to a body cleanse can help detoxify the blood, promote good digestive function and increase energy levels.

Find GO Healthy GO Chlorophyll Cleanse at all major pharmacies and health stores nationwide – 500ml (RRP $29.90).

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