Workout: Medicine Ball Mania

medicine ball

medicine ballGot a medicine ball but running out of ideas on how to use it? Check out this workout to help get you toned and burning calories in no time. Do 20 of each exercise, in 2-3 sets. If you have no medicine ball, you can substitute it for something similar in shape such as a basketball.

Squat and press

Holding the ball just in front of your belly, perform a squat and then press the ball up to the sky as you stand (squat down = medicine ball down, stand up = medicine ball up).

Netball lunges

Holding the ball in front of your belly, pretend you’re at the bottom of a ‘V’ in the middle, take a step forward and slightly out to the side (one top of the ‘V’), lifting your back heel and pressing the medicine ball straight out in front of your body as if you were doing a netball chest pass, then step back to your starting point and bring the medicine ball back in. Repeat other side and keep alternating.

Medball press ups

Get into your press up position either on your toes or on your knees, one hand on the medicine ball. Perform a press up, get into a plank position (straight body, only hands and toes on the ground) and roll the ball gently to your other hand. Repeat on this side and keep alternating.

Straight armed throws

Hold the ball straight out in front of you and do 20 small ‘pulse’ throws up and down, keeping your arms as straight as possible.

Overhead wall throws

Find a sturdy wall, stand about a metre away and give the medicine ball a good overhead throw towards it – don’t forget to catch it! You can also throw this to a partner instead.

Seated twists

Sitting on your butt with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, lean back slightly until you feel your abs brace and tighten up, then twist to one side and touch the medicine ball to the ground and repeat on the other side. To ensure you’re getting the maximum belly twist, turn your eye gaze/head/shoulders to face the ball as you twist from side to side.

Ball slams

Great fun if you’ve had a frustrating day! Take the ball over the top of your head and slam it down (abs should make a crunching movement) into the ground as hard as you can. If you’re slamming it hard enough you should be able to catch it as it rebounds.

Image / Flickr.com – Christopher Robert Alba

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