Your top health and fitness tips

We recenty held a competition where you guys had to name your top health and fitness tips.

Even though we couldn’t give everyone a prize, we were very impressed with some of the fantastic ideas that came through, so we thought it would be a good idea to share some of the best with you!

Here are a handful of our favourites:

  • Everything in moderation for sure! Eat regularly and exercise daily – that doesn’t mean busting your gut! AND it’s fantastic for your mental health!Be realistic in your goals, it’s not a competition, it’s for your better health.
  • Follow the 80:20 rule. Follow a healthy diet and exercise plan most of the time, but do allow yourself the odd ‘cheat’ if this helps you maintain the overall plan. Sometimes over depriving ourselves totally is just too hard to stick to.
  • Have 3 main meals as well as 3-4 snacks daily.
  • Eat as many fresh fruit and vegetables as you possibly can!
  • Schedule your exercise into your calendar just like a work meeting.
  • On days that you really do not feel like exercising, just tell yourself to do it just for five minutes only and then you can stop. Chances are that after you get started, you will end up going longer than the five minutes!
  • Just make a start – no big plans just aim to walk for five minutes and build up from there.
  • Write everything down, set realistic goals and never give up; if you have a bad day with food make the following day a good one.  Baby steps taking one day at a time works best.
  • Find an exercise you enjoy – walking, yoga, swimming, biking – and it will be easier to make it become a part of your everyday life and routine.
  • Sign up for a sports team over summer with friends, this will help keep you motivated and with a practice and a game every week will be great for your fitness!
  • Enjoy all the seasonal fruit & vegies daily, and sleep well, drink lots of water and learn to enjoy getting fit and healthy.
  • Walk whenever you can – to a work colleague’s desk rather than emailing, up the stairs instead of using the lift and get lunch from somewhere further away than you need to – it all adds up.
  • Committing to doing a little every day is much better than a big burst every now and then.
  • Listen to your body – eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full!
  • Don’t eat carbs for tea; why fuel your body with energy when it is going to sleep. Leave carbs for a pick me up lunch and restorative proteins and vitamins for night meals.

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